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a.How to sort objects by date

a.How to sort objects by date

Advanced Search

Uncheck all and select search picture date

Your query should look like this: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".

For example, "2006-11-03 15:13:12".



For more flexibility, you can also:

- Type in a year only (for example, "2010")
- Type in a year-month (for example, "20011-10")
- Type in a year-month-day (for example, "2011-10-23)
- Type in a full date ("20011-10-23 15:15:00)

You can also add a "+/-" and a time span on your query to search for pictures around a given date: for example "2011-10 +/- 1 month" will give you pictures from september to november. You can use "hours", "minutes", "years", "months"